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Client  Hotline Design

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Project type Branding, Art Direction, Print

I’ve always been fascinated by creatives and their stories. Been a designer myself, I know how unique and curious each story can be.

I decided to create an event open to all creatives, aimed at sharing their stories and experiences. Each event has two main guests from the creative industry who share the secrets behind their exiting projects, from the ideation until the final handover.

With the branding, I wanted to convey the cheeky feeling of an underground bar, where people are not afraid to share their secrets while enjoying a drink or two.

No creative discipline is off-limits. We heard Dan Mumford and Jenni Sparks talking about illustration, Rogie Custodio shared some tips about videogame design, and The Clearing blew our socks off with their amazing branding designs. We also explored niche topics like variable fonts with Bianca Berning, Creative Director at Dalton Maag and papercraft with Andy Judd, Head of Teaching at Shillington Education.

With so many talented speakers from all kinds of creative disciplines, the event became a reference point for designers eager to know what’s behind the scenes of cool creative projects.

It also turned out to be particularly useful for new designers who just started their career and needed a bit of encouragement from the pros.

My role isn’t limited to the organization of events and promotional assets design. I also collaborate with our photographer to ensure that videos and photos are in line with the brand.

Here’s an extract of one of our events: a creative workshop led by Andy Judd, Head of Teaching at Shillington Education.


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