Disappearing World 


Client  Staysure

Category Travel insurance

Project type Web Design

Staysure is a leading travel insurance company that cares about sustainable travels. They wanted to raise awareness of how climate change and overtourism are affecting some of the most beautiful places in the world. They wanted to do that with a microsite that collected stories from these disappearing places.

The microsite conveyed an important message about responsible travel and the fragile state of some of the world’s most spectacular places in a thoughtful and accessible way.

The microsite reported the story of 9 endangered places from around the world, all accessible via the main landing page.

All the pages were built on a tailor-made 16 columns grid to ensure more layout flexibility. The elements on the page followed an irregular flow to represent the volatile, unstable environment narrated in the stories.





The microsite got covered by high-end press and specialist environmental sites such as Daily Mail, Daily Express, AOL, Fast Company, Huffington Post and Tree Hugger.


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