What if Bitcoin were a country? 

Client  Coinlist

Category Cryptocurrency trading

Project type Data Visualization, Illustration

Coinlist (former Investoo) is a US platform specialised in cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin is the star of the show, with its price quickly soaring and falling. But how valuable Bitcoin really is? That’s what Coinlist wanted to answer whit this infographic.

My role in the project was to find a bold, creative way to illustrate the data collected by the research team.

We decided to represent the Bitcoin as a country, and see how it performed against other countries. Our research team crunched the numbers relative to the economy, energy consumption, population, demographic and average salary. They compared the results and created a ranking with the other countries in the world.

For this project, I challenged myself by designing 3D isometric scenes and using buildings, cars and pushchairs to represent the data.

You can see some of the design steps below:

1. Creation of the blocs for the scene

2. 3D isometric implementation

3. Texture application


Each scene takes place in a different part of the Bitcoin capital and features a unique colour palette to differentiate it from the others.


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