Better sport campaigns 

Client  Better

Category Sport & Leisure

Project type Data Visualization

Better is a well known social enterprise which runs more than 250 sport and leisure facilities in the UK. Their mission is to make sport and wellness accessible to everybody, and promote physical activities on all their channels.

I collaborated with them on several campaigns for their website and their social channels. Below you can find two samples of campaigns that I designed.

The first campaign focuses on the benefits of using fitness trackers for sport and in everyday life. The bright colours are inspired by the fitness world; combined with the diagonal lines they provide a sense of energy and movement. The style of the charts is a reference to the graphic interfaces of the fitness trackers, very familiar to those who use the devices.

The second campaign is dedicated to the world of women’s sport and its growth in popularity during the last few years. In this case, the focus is all on the data points. I wanted to send the message across loud and clear, by using strong, contrasty colours and straight forward charts.


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