ALU Company book 

Client  Alu

Category Interior design

Project type Print

ALU is an international company with more than 25 years of experience in offering end-to-end services, including design engineering, manufacture, project management and execution of comprehensive retail environments.

I collaborated with Happycentro on the design of ALU’s company book for the EuroShop – Retail Trade Fair where ALU presented their brand new products.

What’s the best way to represent a company’s story? By focusing on their values.

ALU provided six keywords that constituted its core principles: unique, passional, competitive, committed, innovative, flexible, driven.

I’ve translated those six words into abstract illustrations that I then crafted by hand using paper, scissors and a lot of patience.

The handmade, organic style of the illustrations inspired the mood board layout style of the book.


Each page tells a story of the creation of the ALU products with photos and sketches, literally connected by a fill rouge.


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